Louisiana Asbestos Abatement Procedure

Louisiana Asbestos Abatement Procedure

Louisiana Asbestos Abatement Procedure
The federal government has long sent standards for asbestos abatement and management, so Louisiana asbestos abatement procedure will largely reflect federal classifications and guidelines.  The Department of Environment Quality administers Louisiana asbestos abatement procedure, which includes certifying professionals to test for and remove asbestos containing materials.  The DEQ will also provide information to homeowners about presence and dangers of asbestos in the home.
Who may remove asbestos in Louisiana?
All inspectors, workers, contractors and project managers the deal with asbestos must be certified to do so by the Louisiana DEQ.  Only then will they be allowed to work under Louisiana asbestos abatement procedure.  This includes those that work for county and municipal governments.  To become certified to simply remove asbestos as a worker, one must attend and pass an accredited training course and provide proof of these training credentials, in addition to an application fee.  Inspectors must have graduated from high school.  Those applying for certification as a management planner or project designer must show proof of credentials as a architect or engineer.  Evidence of higher education or accreditation will usually have to be provided the first time only.  The DEQ maintains a database of those that are licensed for the use of homeowners or other property owners that need abatement services.
What structures are exempt from parts of the Louisiana asbestos abatement procedure?
Primary residences and apartment buildings under 4 units do not have to follow typical procedures as this will be cost prohibitive and unnecessary, unless the unit is being demolished.  Although state and federal law allows you to remove your own asbestos, it is best to have an inspector identify sources of asbestos, determine which materials need not be removed and provide you with an actionable plan that minimizes exposure.  Failure to follow typical Louisiana asbestos abatement procedure will put you at risk of secondary contamination, as removing asbestos when try or improperly handled will cause the incidental release of thousands of fibers.  
All property owners, regardless of coverage under the law, must dispose of asbestos properly, in sealed containers, as sites designated by the state.  Certain non-friable material can be treated as construction waste, but most friable material must be wet and sealed to prevent the escape of dangerous fibers.
Proper asbestos abatement
You must provide prior notice before engaging in Louisiana asbestos abatement procedure.  This involves filling out Form AAC-2 from the DEQ, which is the notification of demolition and renovation form.  You will account for the presence (or lack of presence) of asbestos containing materials in the building, the amount, the contact information of the contractor and plans for disposal.
Friable materials generally need to be removed, regardless of if there is a demolition or renovation.  An alternative to removal is encapsulation, which seals the exposed fibers under a durable seal.  This is not an option for demolitions, as there will be the danger of the material further crumbling during the destruction.  All durable asbestos material that will not crumble may be disposed as normal construction waste, although this is not definite.




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