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Massachusetts Asbestos Laws

Massachusetts Asbestos Laws

Residents of Massachusetts have been exposed to asbestos in a number of ways, typically through shipbuilding and industry.  The failure of employers to heed warning about asbestos and the wide use of materials has led to a number of illnesses related to asbestos.  The Massachusetts DEP is responsible for applying federal mandates into the Massachusetts asbestos laws.  This organization will certify inspectors and contractors to remove the hazardous material and approve demolitions when necessary.
What are the dangers associated with working at the Boston shipyard?
Asbestos found welcome use in the shipbuilding and at its peak, the material was used in almost 3oo different applications.  Most of these applications involved fire or waterproofing and was administered as a spray compound.  Asbestos in its spray able form is very friable and when combined with the poor ventilation in the ships being built, the conditions are similar to an asbestos mine.  Many of these shipyard workers will become sick due to working in this hazardous environment.  These shipyards have since undergone abatement, as set by Massachusetts asbestos laws.
What are Regulated Asbestos Controlled Materials?
RACMs are generally materials that must be removed from buildings as they pose an immediate threat, either in their present state, or likely to be a threat at a later date as a result of renovations.  All ACM must be removed from a building prior to demolition.  Even non-friable material can potentially crumble and release fibers when broken by an external force.  Friable materials are dangerous as the will release micro fibers that are impossible to see.  These fibers will be inhaled and cause a host of health problems for those that are exposed to large qualities.  Demolition not only makes materials friable, it will help the fibers spread quickly into the surrounding area.
Can I file for asbestos litigation in Massachusetts?
Most asbestos claims will be determined in settlement by working with the employer or entity responsible for the exposure.  Still those that cannot reach a settlement and need to pursue a claim in court can do so without being hampered by restrictive laws on mesothelioma and other asbestos litigation.  You must have an asbestos related illness and be able to demonstrate how the defendant is responsible for the injury.  You will be able to find Massachusetts asbestos lawyers that are familiar with Massachusetts asbestos laws through the Find Attorneys function on this website.
Can I remove asbestos from my residence?
You may, but you will want an asbestos inspector to evaluate your home before you proceed.  Often those removing asbestos on their own will cause accidental contamination by removing the asbestos improperly or releasing fibers accidentally.  Only single family, owner occupied homes may asbestos be removed by the owner.  Whenever this occurs, procedures for the safe disposal must be observed to avoid potential fines and other penalties.  You will not need to remove asbestos if it is indurate and in no danger of releasing harmful fibers.