Maryland Asbestos Laws

Maryland Asbestos Laws

Maryland Asbestos Laws
Maryland has a history of asbestos mining deposits, shipbuilding and industrial locations such as steel mills.  All three contribute to wide asbestos exposure prior to the damage from asbestos being made apparent.  The shipyards were especially susceptible to contamination from asbestos, due in no small part to the confident nature of the ships and the widespread use of friable materials.  The use of incinerators at the shipyard was also responsible for the spread of asbestos containing materials.  Such was the state of the shipyards, that many were declared Superfund disaster cleanup sites due to the danger to those in the area.
Classifications of asbestos containing materials
Maryland classifies asbestos containing materials into three categories, friable and two categories of non-friable materials.  Friable materials include plaster, fireproofing applications and insulation.  These weak materials will break apart and almost certainly sicken those that are exposed to temp.  Some non-friable material can become friable if it is altered or damaged in any way.  This, in addition to friable materials needs to be removed during a demolition.  Renovations allow some materials to remain if they are not disturbed.
What is mesothelioma?
Mesothelioma is a painful and lethal cancer of the lining of the lungs.  This is a cancer that develops only in the presence of asbestos fibers and typically takes at least 20 years to manifest symptoms.  The nature of asbestos is that the particles are invisible to the human eye, easily made airborne, and do not dislodge over time.  Other illnesses of the lungs include asbestosis, which will entail the hardening of the lungs and decreased function.  Those that worked in the Maryland shipbuilding industry will likely see symptoms manifest several decades after the initial exposure and factor such as smoking will greatly increase the chance of developing an asbestos related illness.
Can I file an Maryland asbestos lawsuit?
Maryland is on a whole much more favorable to asbestos litigation due to the prevalence of armful industries that have almost certainly sickened Maryland residents.  State laws have simplified the process of filing for asbestos litigation and your claim will useful be given proper consideration in court.  Mass action lawsuits have also been largely successful.  You may file for asbestos litigation when you are diagnosed with an asbestos related ailment.  A successful settlement or jury award will provide you with compensation for medical bills, suffering and lost wages.  Speaking with a Maryland asbestos lawyer will help you determine the merits of your claim and the next steps to securing damages.  The court may impose additional punitive damages on egregious violations of safety and working conditions.  Some have even managed to find based on secondary exposure when a loved some brought asbestos fibers home with them, sickening family members.




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