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Nebraska Asbestos Abatement Procedure

Nebraska Asbestos Abatement Procedure

Enforcement of Nebraska asbestos law is shared by the Department of Environmental Quality and Department of Health and Human Services.  Both follow federal mandates set by a number of laws and through these laws, the Nebraska asbestos abatement procedure is formulated.  Nebraska asbestos abatement procedure will have three critical components, which are minimizing exposure in the workplace, safe abatement of construction materials in structures and certifying experts and professionals in managing possible sources of contamination.
Nebraska asbestos abatement procedure pursuant to the NESHAP
The NESHAP is a component of the Clean Air Act that aims to eliminate the release of asbestos containing materials into the environment.  The DEQ manages this portion of the mandate by requiring notification for any abatement procedures, either through renovation or demolition in the state.  This notification must be made ten working days in advance to give the DEQ adequate notice to review the details of the property, amount of asbestos present, the contractor performing the work and plans for disposal.  The subsequent permit issued by the DEQ certifies that the Nebraska asbestos abatement procedure has been followed to that point and actual abatement may begin.
Any project that will involve greater than 160 square feet, 260 linear feet, or 35 cubic feet of friable asbestos requires a ten working days notification to the DEQ.  Small residential homes and buildings are exempt from notification requirements.  You will have to note all materials that are friable, may become friable or will be subject to sanding, drilling and other penetration.  Asbestos containing materials will release fibers if they are breached during renovation.
There are provisions to expedite permits in an emergency, but the emergency and nature of the request must be explained in detail.  All forms necessary to notify the DEQ are found on their website, along with detailed instructions.
Who may remove asbestos in Nebraska?
The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services certifies and trains professionals and workers in Nebraska asbestos abatement procedures.  Doing so ensures that the material is removed properly with the right abatement equipment.  Typical abatement requires HEPA filters and vacuum cleaners as well as protective plastic sheeting and suits.  This is especially why asbestos abatement on large structures will only be done by professional.  To become an asbestos abatement professional, you must pass a Nebraska accredited training course.  To find a Nebraska asbestos abatement specialist, consult the DHHS website for a list of accredited inspectors and contractors.
Proper disposal
Asbestos containing materials must be dropped off at a certified municipal solid waste landfill. You can find a list of these landfills on the NDEQ website and you will need to contact the landfill for instructions before transporting the material there.  Homeowners doing small scale asbestos abatement much adhere to asbestos disposal guidelines, regardless of the amount of asbestos they have abated.