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New York Asbestos Abatement Procedure

New York Asbestos Abatement Procedure

The New York Department of Labor and Department of Health handles asbestos control and New York asbestos abatement procedure.  The important functions of New York asbestos abatement procedure involve notifying the appropriate authorities about demolition and renovation procedures, certifying contractors to perform asbestos abatement and ensuring the safety of those that work with asbestos abatement.  Most mandates related to asbestos are set by the federal government and New York asbestos abatement procedure reflects these mandates
Areas needing abatement
Most shipyard and military instillations have undergone asbestos abatement after the danger to workers there became apparent.  There is the risk that many schools and workplaces still have levels of asbestos that may cause health issues for those that work there.
Most homes built before 1980 will have some asbestos construction materials used in the design.  Whether or not this material should be abated depends on the nature of the asbestos fibers.  If the fibers are safely locked in an indurate material, then this is non-friable asbestos and will not need removal unless it will be directly affected by renovation.  Exposed material, such as pipe insulation, plaster and wool fiber insulation is much more dangerous as it can be broken with minimal human contact and will release fibers if disturbed.  This is material that should be abated immediately.
Even non-friable material must be removed if a structure is to be demolished.  Any non-friable material, such as concrete, can potentially crumble, releasing more particles and turning friable.  Concrete roofing tiles and siding are two examples of material that will be removed before a demolition.
Proper removal of asbestos containing materials
All friable materials should be removed and this will be done typically by wetting the material until it is waterlogged.  Doing so traps the fibers and prevents the unnecessary release of more particles.  This is used in conjunction with a power vacuum designed to trap micro particles.  The wet friable material is then removed and sealed accordingly.  Some non-friable materials must be removed if the building will be demolished.  The Occupation Health and Safety Administration will set safety and abatement requirements to ensure safe asbestos abatement.  This will be incorporated into the New York asbestos abatement procedure.
Notification requirements
You must notify the New York Department of Labor for any asbestos abatement project that exceeds the maximum threshold of RACMs in a structure.  There is an online notification that contractors and owners can use to follow New York asbestos abatement procedure.  Notifications must be made working ten days in advance of start of the project.
What is the function of the Asbestos Control Bureau?
The ACB is a division of the Department of Labor that deals with the licensing and certification of asbestos contractors.  You may find a list of these contactors at the department website.  You will also find a list of active asbestos abatement projects in your area.