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Missouri Asbestos Laws

Missouri Asbestos Laws

The sources of asbestos contamination in Missouri include industry and mining.  The auto industry, while not as prevalent as in Michigan used asbestos in brakes, gaskets and other insulation up until the 1980s.  Workers and mechanics at these plants were exposed to debris and dangerous residual fibers.  Mining plays a big role in Missouri’s economy and iron as well as lead miners worked in poorly ventilated areas without adequate equipment.  This has cause instances of asbestos related illnesses among many of those miners.  Missouri asbestos laws are modeled after EPA regulations and other federal mandates to protect workers and avoid dumping.
Demolition and Renovation
You must provide notification for the demolition or substantive renovation of any property that is not a primary residence or apartment building under four units.  While some locations will require a full removal of all asbestos containing materials, other locations may leave some non-friable materials, provided those are not disturbed during the renovation.  The notification form will account for all. 
All asbestos material, regardless of its nature, must be disposed of careful and in compliance with Missouri asbestos laws.  This includes wetting and sealing friable asbestos materials and labeling the material accordingly.  Non-friable materials are subject to their own rules and in some cases may be treated as construction waste.  If you are working with an asbestos contractor, they will be able to provide more details on proper disposal.  All others, typically homeowners, will need to contact a participating landfill for further instructions as well as schedule a time and date to deliver the material to the landfill.
What are the health risks from asbestos?
Those that have worked with the spray applications of asbestos are becoming aware of the effect that the tiny particles have had on their lung function and overall health.  The tiny fibers cause the normally elastic lungs to lose elasticity and ability to drain fluid.  Malignant growth caused by the presence of this foreign material will also cause lung cancer and the potentially fatal mesothelioma.
Can I file for asbestos litigation?
Missouri does not have laws that explicitly limit asbestos litigation, but be aware of general tort reform laws that apply to personal injury cases.  The largest verdict favored a municipal working in Missouri that was exposed while working at a courthouse.  Judges may limit the amount awarded by juries or impose additional punitive damages that favor the plaintiff, if the other party has been especially neglectful.