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Wyoming Asbestos Laws

Wyoming Asbestos Laws

Wyoming has very low rates of asbestos related illnesses, no doubt due to the absence of heavy mining and other industries in the state.  Still, some Wyoming residents may have worked with asbestos at some point in their lives or currently live in a structure that contains asbestos building materials.  These structures are the focus of Wyoming asbestos laws and safe abatement is a top priority.  The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality is the lead state agency for the enforcement of Wyoming asbestos laws particularly the safe disposal of asbestos containing materials.
Asbestos in workplaces
There is nominal industry in Wyoming in the form of a few refineries and power plants.  Both sites will have had asbestos coated machinery at some point in the last century.  If the asbestos insulation was improperly applied or exceptionally friable, those that worked in these buildings have an increased risk of asbestos related illness.  Asbestos was also mined here at some point, although not quite in the same hazardous quantities as nearby Montana and other states.
Public buildings have an especially high rate of asbestos containing materials, especially schools.  Depending on the building, either Wyoming asbestos law or similar federal laws will ensure that the abatement is performed by a certified professional.
Asbestos in the home
Asbestos building materials enjoyed wide use until a federal ban took effect in 1979.  Alternatives to asbestos, such as fiberglass, were available, but asbestos remained a cheaper option and evidence of detrimental health effects was ignored.  
You may perform asbestos abatement in your own home but this is not recommended as improperly following asbestos abatement procedure will lead to accidental contamination and the possibility of disturbing materials that were otherwise inert and harmless.  Additionally, cheaper alternatives to removal are available and can be applied through the use of a trained and licensed professional.
If you must perform asbestos safe abatement, be sure to have the services of an asbestos inspector.  The inspector will advices you on potential hazards and help you formulate an appropriate abatement procedure.  Most importantly, you will need to disposed of asbestos containing materials accordingly to avoid a citation and fines.
Asbestos laws
Wyoming asbestos laws provide for the safe abatement of asbestos through commonly accepted procedures.  The certification of professionals to perform proper asbestos abatement in structures is also a priority in Wyoming asbestos laws, as this is based on mandates for proper training from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.  The unauthorized removal of asbestos, without proper notification and permits will be punished under Wyoming asbestos law.
Worker safety
All workers that handle asbestos containing materials must be verified by the state.  Typical training courses will include proper abatement technique, safety precautions and background knowledge on the nature of asbestos and its role in the home.
State agencies
The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality deals with most enforcement and compliance with Wyoming asbestos laws including notifications of demolition and waste shipment.