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Wyoming Asbestos Abatement Procedure

Wyoming Asbestos Abatement Procedure

Wyoming asbestos abatement procedure aims to ensure that large scale asbestos abatement is carried out with minimal risk to the health of workers and those close to the worksite.  These regulations and procedures derive from federal laws, but will be subject to regular review by state authorities.  Expect compliance divisions to check worksites for compliance with Wyoming asbestos abatement procedure and enforce fines and other punishments for those that perform unauthorized abatement.
Who must the contractor notify under Wyoming law?
There will be fees assed for all permits issued and the fees are dependent on the amount of asbestos containing material that will be removed.  You must provide ten working days’ notice before any demolition can take place on a structure.
Notification requirements
You must complete the Notification of Demolition and Renovation form in order to carry out the Wyoming asbestos abatement procedure.  This form will have you account for the type of construction to be done, the schedule for the operation, an approximation of asbestos materials present, the authorized contractor conducting the project and the plans to dispose of the asbestos material, in accordance with state law.  You may also note any emergency situations that would expedite the typical ten day waiting period.
Pre inspection
You will be expected to secure an asbestos inspector to inspect any property prior to any planned demolition or renovation.  Afterward, the proper notifications will be filed with the appropriate department.  Unoccupied building inspections will be destructive and investigates all possible asbestos containing materials.  Buildings undergoing inspection that are occupied will try to minimize disturbance and the invasiveness of the inspection.
Materials that must be removed
Materials that are more than 1% asbestos by weight and are friable are considered regulated asbestos containing materials that must be removed.  Friable asbestos is a health hazard as its constant degradation releases micro asbestos fibers.  These fibers do not break down in the human body and instead lodge in the lungs.  The continued presence of these fibers leads to cancers and asbestos containing materials.
Friable asbestos will be removed in a sealed area that has its air circulated at least four times in an hour, to prevent a dangerous level of fibers from accumulating.
Make you arrangements for waste disposal through the Wyoming DEQ.  The DEQ works with the EPA to designate safe sites for friable and non-friable asbestos materials.  The friable materials must be sealed and doubled bagged to prevent seepage of asbestos fibers.  Storing the asbestos material while wet is essential to preventing the further emission of fibers.  Failure to follow proper disposal procedure is a violation of Wyoming asbestos abatement procedure, which will lead to citations for dumping as well as fines.  Remember that asbestos is considered hazardous waste and should be treated as such, unless it is indurate asbestos that has little potential to be breached.