Utah Asbestos Abatement Procedure

Utah Asbestos Abatement Procedure

Utah Asbestos Abatement Procedure
Utah has an average rate of asbestos related illness, in part due to its mining industry, but like all other states, the prevalence of asbestos construction materials is a cause for concern and a source of possible contamination.  Utah asbestos abatement procedure, which is formulated by the Department of Environmental Quality based on mandates from the federal government, focuses on safe abatement, worker safety and public education.  Most structures that are not residences must follow Utah asbestos abatement procedure and use certified contractors and abatement specialists.
Utah Department of Environmental Quality
The Utah DEQ provides information for the public on asbestos in the home.  This is essential to preventing improper abatement and accidental exposure.  The DEQ will provide detailed information on removing asbestos containing materials such as soundproof ceilings.  Homeowners are allowed to remove their own asbestos, but are advised on appropriate safety precautions and risks.  Small scale homeowners are best served have a professional certified in Utah asbestos abatement procedure handle these materials on your behalf.  The Division of Air Quality is the specific area of the DEQ that works with asbestos containing materials.
Importance of certification
These certifications are for asbestos abatement only and certification for other forms of construction in Utah does not qualify the individual to perform asbestos abatement.  You can find directories of certified professionals at the DEQ website as well as instructions on how to be certified to perform asbestos abatement.
Wetting asbestos materials
You must wet any materials that will be removed.  Waterlogging prevents asbestos fibers from becoming airborne.  Only then can the material be scraped from the structure.  Once it is scraped, the proper Utah asbestos abatement procedure will be to double bag small amounts or use specialized sealed containers and label them accordingly.  Painting ceilings will present a problem if the paint makes the friable asbestos waterproof.  Consult the DEQ website for more information on the special procedure you can take to remove the friable asbestos.
You must notify the DEQ two weeks before an asbestos abatement project, using the appropriate notification form.  Failure to provide notification is illegal as this is the process the state uses to inspect worksites and certify that the procedure will be safe for workers and those in the area alike.  You must pay all fees and failure to follow asbestos abatement procedure will result in fines.
There is an associated fee and the notification is essential so that a regional inspector can certify and inspect the property as necessary.  The notification form will account for all asbestos materials present in the structure, the contractor performing work and the plans to abate and dispose of the asbestos waste.  All demolitions, even buildings with no asbestos present, must present a notification form.  Renovations will need to meet certain thresholds of asbestos contaminants to be required to file notifications.  Homeowners are generally exempt.  Proper notification is essential to Utah asbestos abatement procedure and failure to file notification will lead to severe penalties.




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