California Asbestos Laws

California Asbestos Laws

California Asbestos Laws
California leads the country in asbestos related illnesses with naturally occurring asbestos present in all counties, the presence of shipyards that used asbestos materials, mining enterprises that did not take precautions against the spread of asbestos particles and multiple Superfund environmental disaster sites.
Where has there been asbestos in California?
Many Navy veterans and workers have been sickened after working at Hunter’s Point Shipyard in San Francisco, as ships were at one time sprayed extensively with asbestos coatings to make them water resistant and fireproof.  These coatings proved to be friable and would eventually release millions of particles into the lungs of men and women that built and served on the vessels.  The shipyard was declared a superfund site and shut down in 1991.
Coalinga, California is an example of a growing number of cities around the country that are environmental disaster sites due to asbestos mining.  
California is rich in asbestos deposits, which lead to a flourishing mining community through the 20th century.  This was in spite of the fact that links were being drawn between asbestosis and asbestos as early as the 1930s.  This failure to anticipate health hazards or willful ignorance has spurred a number of successful asbestos litigation when supported by California asbestos laws.
California Zonolite was one of many companies that process vermiculite for the W.R. Grace and Company, which mined ore from Libby, Montana, which is now a Superfund site.  The vermiculite was up to 7% contaminated with Tremolite asbestos sickening a number of workers.  A number of sites around California have had exposure due to improper controls on asbestos related manufacturing which is now reflected in strong California asbestos laws in terms of inspections and removal.
Have California Asbestos Laws been successful?
Following the lead of the federal government, California has established standards for the inspection of buildings, as well as the disposal and abatement of asbestos containing products.  The naval shipyards and other military instillations have all undergone abatement and no longer pose a threat to the public.  Those that live in superfund sites will receive Medicare payments to deal with their medical expenses as a result of their exposure.
Do I need an asbestos inspection?
Certain structures are required by California asbestos law to undergo a thorough inspection with written evaluation before allowing construction to take place.  In inspection will typically include a laboratory inspection of samples to determine the threat posed by asbestos in the structure.
Does California inhibit asbestos litigation?
As long as a California resident can prove that they have an asbestos related disease and this disease is the direct liability of the entity to take adequate safety precautions, damages can be won when pursing asbestos litigation in California.  California has the most asbestos litigation in the country in part because of the sheer number of people exposed to harmful asbestos.  A California asbestos attorney can help you build a case against former employers or other responsible parties and you will have no shortage of lawyers to deal with this legal matter.




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