Indiana Asbestos Abatement Procedure

Indiana Asbestos Abatement Procedure

Indiana Asbestos Abatement Procedure
The Indiana Department of Environmental Management sets the Indiana asbestos abatement procedure in accordance with state and federal law.  This organization handles notification, disposal and licensing of individuals allowed to engage in asbestos abatement.  All demolition and renovation on structures that are not residential homes will need to be approved through the IDEM regardless of if they are considered asbestos free.
Who may remove asbestos in Indiana?
Contractors will be licensed to remove asbestos if they pass a course mandated by the state of Indiana and demonstrate this proficiency sufficiently enough to qualify a training course certificate.  Failure to provide this documentation will invalidate the application, which typically takes at least 3 weeks to process.  Full disclosure is necessary when applying to work with Indiana asbestos abatement procedure and this includes lawsuits, violations and other breaches of the professional standard.  There will be fees to receive a license as well.
Does my property have asbestos?
Many homes built before 1980 will have some asbestos.  This is typically found in insulation and drywall.  Additionally, certain coatings, such as popcorn ceilings will contain more than 1% asbestos by weight.  This is especially dangerous as this is friable material that can be broken easily.  When friable material is broken, it will release thousands of asbestos fibers and long term exposure will cause respiratory problems.
What are emergency conditions?
Permits to perform asbestos abatement may be expedited in the event of an emergency.  A major fiber release episode, which involves the visible emission of 3 sq feet of asbestos containing materials, is a serious health and structural risk, and the contract will generally be granted immediate permission to being asbestos abatement.
Who do I need to notify if I am performing Indiana asbestos abatement procedures?
You must notify the Indiana DEM of any renovation or demolition that will take place.  The notification form will need to be completed in part by the building inspector who will account for the presence of asbestos containing materials.  You will also need to demonstrate how the material will be disposed and abated.  You must submit this form at least two weeks prior to the start of construction.  Failure to adhere to these Indiana asbestos abatement procedures will result in fines and other penalties.
Regulated Asbestos Containing Material that must be removed
All materials identified by the EPA as containing asbestos must be removed in a demolition.  Only certain, indurate items may remain in a renovation if the renovation will not tamper with them.  Friable materials are particularly dangerous, as per federal regulations and will have to be waterlogged before removal, and will be transported in this state.  All construction and demolition waste must be disposed of at a solid waste management facility, as determined by the state.




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