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Oregon Asbestos Laws

Oregon Asbestos Laws

Shipyards and mining are the two sources of asbestos in Oregon and the state has a moderate level of asbestos related illnesses when compared to other states.  The use of asbestos as insulating materials on machinery was also present at many of Oregon’s lumber mills and workers there generally have a higher than average risk of developing asbestos related illnesses.  The focus of Oregon asbestos law is preventing further exposure to existing materials and the safe removal of asbestos from all demolitions and structures at risk for exposure.
Asbestos and mining
While not expansive, some mining of chrysotile asbestos has occurred in the state.  Mining asbestos was a deep hazard, especially in mine shafts.  Poor ventilation as well as disturbing the indurate deposits led to a high concentration of asbestos fibers in the enclosed area.  This leads to miners having an increased rate of illness and potential complications due to exposure.
Shipyards and Oregon asbestos law
Shipyards, especially during World War II used a spray able form of asbestos on ships during construction.  This spray was fireproof and has the added benefit of resisting water.  This spray is likely to degrade overtime or be upset due to force, which will lead to cracking and other destruction.  Similar to mine shafts, the spray able asbestos left thousands of asbestos fibers in the poorly ventilated ships and this leads to almost certain lung problems for shipyard workers and some sailors that served on the ships immediately after their launch.
Asbestos in the home
You will find asbestos materials in most structures built prior to a federal ban on asbestos containing construction materials, and the friable material will be the most dangerous to the inhabitants.  This includes plaster, popcorn ceilings, joint compound, drywall and floss insulation.  Human contact is all that is needed to cause friable asbestos to break down into much smaller fibers and these fibers will be smaller than can be detected by the human eye.  These particles lodge in the lungs and eventually pose a risk factor for asbestos related illness.
State agencies and Oregon asbestos laws
The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality monitors asbestos abatement regulations in the state for compliance with the National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants.  All notifications for asbestos abatement will be submitted to the DEQ for compliance with Oregon asbestos laws.  You will find information about asbestos contamination in the home as well as information on finding asbestos contractors and disposal of small amounts of asbestos containing material.
Oregon asbestos litigation
While there are no statutory barriers to filing claims for asbestos exposure and injury, you should speak with an Oregon asbestos lawyer to determine if you have a case that serves merit.  You will be able to determine if an employer or structure owner has violated Oregon asbestos laws.  If you have an asbestos related illness, demonstrating the that employer is directly responsible for the illness through a lack of diligence for the health of employees, you will be able to collect damages accordingly.