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Nevada Asbestos Laws

Nevada Asbestos Laws

The primary risk for exposure centers on the construction boom in Nevada, particularly in the Las Vegas area.  Asbestos was widely used in construction materials at that time for its fireproof and insulating qualities.  This means that construction workers and others that work with the building materials have a high than normal risk of developing cancers and other asbestos related illnesses.  Drywall was also manufactured in Nevada, some of it containing asbestos.  Military instillations, power plants and light industry have all has risks at some time, but those risks have diminished as successful asbestos abatement has occurred which rendered these facilities safe.
Asbestos and the casinos
Recently, several casinos in Las Vegas were found in violation of Nevada asbestos laws due to renovations that may have caused harmful asbestos fibers to be inhaled by employees.  The failure to take adequate precautions to protect employees is negligence and if an asbestos related illness develops, it will be grounds for a successful lawsuit.  Over thirty Las Vegas casinos have undergone asbestos abatement, which underscores the wide use of asbestos in the construction of Las Vegas buildings.  Many casinos have had to pay fines or settle lawsuits are a result of asbestos exposure.
How does asbestos affect the lungs?
Since asbestos is not broken down by the body, it will remain in the lungs for a number of years.  This will cause scarring and other damage.  This scaring leads to asbestosis, which causes the lungs to develop a leathery surface and as such, unable to drain fluid from the lungs.  The presence of asbestos can also lead to a cancer of the lungs lining, which is known as mesothelioma.  This is a highly fatal disease that is only caused by asbestos contamination.
Asbestos in the home
Asbestos can be found in a number of applications in the home as an insulator and fireproofing agent.  It is generally not dangerous in many of the applications as it will be sealed in concrete, drywall or other tough materials that ensure the airborne fibers will not escape.  In the event of the destruction of the property, or intentional demolition, all of these materials are liable to escape, posing risks for all around the site.  Due to the, Nevada asbestos law ensures that proper notification and precautions are taken for asbestos abatement before any significant renovation or demolition.
Can I pursue asbestos litigation?
As you long as you can demonstrate that you have been contaminated by asbestos, generally after developing an asbestos related illness, you will be able to file asbestos litigation.  This allows you to collect damages for lost wages, medical expenses as well as pain and suffering.  Some individuals have had success suing employers that failed to inform them of the dangers of asbestos, but you should be aware of any laws that limit litigation.  This includes tort reform statutes that cute the time available to file a lawsuit, laws that limit damages and liabilities and even laws the force the loser to pay the legal expenses of the winner.  A Nevada asbestos lawyer will explain developments in the laws that might affect you.