Kentucky Asbestos Abatement Procedure

Kentucky Asbestos Abatement Procedure

Kentucky Asbestos Abatement Procedure
The Division for Air Quality, which is a part of the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection, is responsible for the enforcement of federal standards for controlling asbestos emissions and exposure.  Kentucky adopted the NESHAP regulations in full and will certify contractors, inspectors and workers in Kentucky asbestos abatement procedure.  Following this procedure is mandatory for all but single family homes and small apartment buildings.  All will benefit form a cursory inspection and having professionals carry out asbestos abatement.
Who may remove asbestos in Kentucky?
The Kentucky Asbestos Accreditation Program (KAAP) sets a rigid and through training program to ensure that all those are accredited to remove asbestos does so according to Kentucky asbestos abatement procedure.  Other Kentucky asbestos laws based on federal mandates include ensuring that every school has an emergency asbestos abatement and management plan.  Schools in particular, are buildings that have high level of asbestos throughout the United States.  The KAAP is based on the standard for programs set by the EPA.
Should I remove my own asbestos?
There is no Kentucky asbestos abatement procedure that is mandatory for primary residences and apartment buildings under 4 units.  Homeowners may remove their own asbestos, although do so puts you at exceptional risk, especially if you are unfamiliar with the proper Kentucky asbestos abatement procedure.  Those that perform asbestos removal on their own are likely to disturb friable and non-friable material alike and usually the result is an even worse contamination with thousands of asbestos particulates released into the residence.  At the very least, an accredited asbestos inspector should review the house and make a determination of the proper Kentucky asbestos abatement procedure.
Proper asbestos abatement
Friable materials generally need to be removed, regardless of if there is a demolition or renovation.  An alternative to removal is encapsulation, which seals the exposed fibers under a durable seal.  This is not an option for demolitions, as there will be the danger of the material further crumbling during the destruction.
A demolition generally requires all asbestos containing materials to be removed and disposed of properly.  A contractor trained in Kentucky asbestos abatement procedure will be needed to perform this correctly.  Any non-friable asbestos that can potentially crumble is removed in advance since its indurate structure is likely to be breached with little difficulty.  This includes roofing tiles, siding and certain types of tiles and flooring.
Who do I need to notify if I am performing Kentucky asbestos abatement procedures?
At least ten working days prior to the start of construction, you must provide notification to the Kentucky Division or Air Quality.  If you are working with a licensed contractor, they will facilitate this for you.  Failure to provide notice will have the contractor stripped of their accreditation to perform Kentucky asbestos abatement.




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