Michigan Asbestos Laws

Michigan Asbestos Laws

Michigan Asbestos Laws
Michigan has one of the highest rates of asbestos contamination and illness in the country, most due to the industries based there.  Automotive parts used to contain forms of asbestos and in fact, some cars may still have these parts.  In using asbestos as insulation and braking pads, automotive workers and mechanics, typically working in areas with less than ideal ventilation, were exposed to high concentrations of asbestos material.  Mechanics that worked on worn brake systems would almost certainly have come into contact with residue and dust as a result of the wear and tear on the brakes.  There are now regulations on the abatement of brakes to prevent future exposure.  The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration work in tandem to enforce Michigan asbestos laws, which are modeled after federal EPA and OHSA requirements.
What are Regulated Asbestos Controlled Materials?
RACMs are generally materials that must be removed from buildings as they pose an immediate threat, either in their present state, or likely to be a threat at a later date as a result of renovations.  All ACM must be removed from a building prior to demolition.  Even non-friable material can potentially crumble and release fibers when broken by an external force.  Friable materials are dangerous as the will release micro fibers that are impossible to see.  These fibers will be inhaled and cause a host of health problems for those that are exposed to large qualities.  Demolition not only makes materials friable, it will help the fibers spread quickly into the surrounding area.
Can I file for asbestos litigation in Michigan?
There has been some success with asbestos litigation in Michigan, but some of the biggest cases related to asbestos exposure were decided in other stats, such as New York.  Laws are also constantly changing and newer laws may limit your ability to collect in personal injury lawsuits.  Speak with the Michigan asbestos attorney to understand your legal options and likelihood of success when suing a former employer or other entity.
What is the function of the DEQ in relation to Michigan asbestos laws?
The Michigan DEQ handles notification of renovation and demolition form and is responsibility for enforcement on the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants from the federal government.  This includes ensuring that the asbestos containing material is disposed of accordingly at proper disposal sites.
What is the function of the Michigan OHSA asbestos laws?
The OHSA, following rules from its federal partner, ensure that all who work with asbestos certified and aware of the potential danger from secondary contamination.  Only those that are certified by the OHSA may work on Michigan asbestos abatement.  Those that need to find or verify if a contractor or other professional is accredited can check the MIOSHA “verify and search” function, located on the Michigan.gov website.




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